Friday, March 16, 2007


March is here and half over and I have not posted in a month. This is always a busy time for us. Our youngest turnned 15 this month on the 3rd. We celebrated and had trouble finding the time to take her to get her permit. Well, we were successful in doing this this past Tues. We had a nice experience and beautiful drive to Guntersville. It is so hard to believe that she is old enough to drive. She is also playing softball on the JV team at school and so that is keeping her and us busy. The other big change for her is that she is getting braces next week. She has been bugging me for a while to get checked. She had one tooth that was starting to crowd other than that I didn't think it was bad. Well, we go for two evals with two diff. othodontist and the whole right side of her mouth did not touch each other. She said "I thought this was normal". So last Friday she had three teeth pulled so they can eventually have a good bite on the right side. The strange thing is the left side was perfect. She got her spacers on Wed and her mouth is sore and I think when it feels better she will get her braces and be sore again. We are looking at two years if she does everything she is suppose to do. The one thing that perked her up was they reward them with coupons if they do everything they are suppose to do and can trade them in for gift certificates and such to the mall. Well, she is competitive and they may regret offering that to her we will see. That is the news for our youngest.

Her sister is also having a busy time. We were fortunate to get to go to Lipscomb last weekend to receive her scholarship. We thought it was for the ones that had already accepted and was going there. They were still selling Lipscomb. She and I had a great time. We went up on Thurs night and stayed with my best friend from High School. They kept us busy all day Fri and then treated us to dinner at the Titans stadium Friday night. It was beautiful looking out over Nashville as we ate. Then the students went to Dr. Lowery's house for devo and dessert and got to stay on campus. We met up again early the next morning to receive the official scholarship and then were free until sing o rama at 2:00p.m. So we went prom dress shopping and were successful. We arrived back at Lipscomb for sing o rama, which was really good and by the time we said goodbye, run a couple of errands and get dinner were not back at our friends until about 7:00p.m. I was absolutely exhausted. I think the oldest was too. We were both in bed by 10:00 and not once had the TV on and had forgotten about the time change. Needless to say we missed church. So come to find out Kent and the youngest had too. We arrive home in time for huddles and crash that night. So then we sent her off early yesterday with the trip of her life. She was blessed to get asked by Rex to go with him to Baja for 12 days as his personal interpretor. If you know her at all you know this is a dream come true. She will be with a group from Lipscomb until next Thurs then she will be with the homebuilders from Mayfair until that Monday. This is her Senior trip and she couldn't be happier. Needless to say our thoughts and prayers are with them. Phil Kinzer is leading the group from Lipscomb and we were thrilled about that along with his wife Diane. Then we know just about everyone going next week so we feel very good about who she is with. Please pray that GOd will bless them and use them to further his kingdom.

Now on to us again. Kent's mom is coming and bringing our nephew so we will have a 8 year old here all weekend so we will be busy. Also, I am going with Mrs. Tommie today and help her with Amber's 6 month old picture. She is sad as she looks at pictures of Lisa so hope and pray this is a good experience for her. I am planning on keeping Amber after that while she takes a break. Hope everyone has a safe and happy Spring Break. Will try and not wait so long to post again.