Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Rude Workers!

I decided to post this after reading my friends Sunny's post. I wasn't going to because I thought it was just me. Our family was at American Eagle after Christmas and our youngest found a shirt she wanted to purchase. We proceed to the cashier and walked to the end of the counter where the two workers were standing talking and folding. They both looked up at us with the look they couldn't believe we were interupting them. Never said "may I help you or nothing". Well, I said "we would like to purchase this". One of the girls looked at us and said "you have to go on the other side". Let me remind you there was nobody else at the register so there was not a line or anything. Our youngest and me just looked at each other and I was trying to stay calm. If she had not wanted the shirt so bad I would have walked out. We purchased the shirt and she was not friendly at all. I was appalled. We told dad what just took place and without hesitating he said "it it coming from talking on line". These kids do not know how to talk to people and they are loosing their manners. LOOSING, it is lost. I am still amazed that these emplyees looked at us the way we did. My little one dosn't miss a thing and I think she was shocked too. They better be glad we do not go in there very much because the manager and owner would have heard about this. Their clothes are so expensive and to be treated like this, absolutely not. I guess I feel better. When I worked retail in High School the customer was always right, even now dealing with the public they are always given the benefit of the doubt. Oh well, I can just do eveything I can to teach my children to treat others with respect and hope others will too. It just seems to me but I think respect is going out the window and that makes me sad. Matt 12:37 (I need to remember this too)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

23 Years ! YEA

Well, We just celebrated 23 years together. "and they said we would never make it" Ha! No just kidding. We met in December of 1982 and our first date was in Jan. of 83 and we were married the following January 1984. It was fast but meant to be. I believe that Kent has taught me to laugh alot and to stay calm. It has truly gone by fast and to look back over the years it has been a blessing. The many laughs we have had along with the tears have developed a closeness that no one can ever take away. Looking forward to many more.
Still thinking of the things we have gone through of my moms. We spend all of these years collecting things and stuff just so someone else has to go through it. I am still trying to downsize. We have cleaned out alot and still have alot to go. This brings me to the lessons I am trying to get back into. Seems like I got so busy and havn't stopped for spiritual time for me. The study is by :Beth Moore and it is about Daniel. There is so much depth to learn about him and his history and what he went through. She is comparing Babylon to today's world which is interesting. Quote from her study " How do we resist the world's titanic pressue?" She compared him coming from Jeruselum to Babylon as sheltered to sensory overload.
This brings me to always remember that no matter how bad we think today's world is that it seems it has always been just as bad since sin first entered the world. You can always find it in the Bible or history books. How Daniel is resisting the royal food and wine. To think that a (scholars believe) he and his captive friends were 15, and he was resisting food of any kind that in itself is hard to believe. I just remember how much my brother ate at this age.
So to resist todays temtation of wanting more is one of things I am going to work on this year. As she points out it dosn't start by just going to church of Sunday's Wed. and it is never accidental, it is a daily resolve and consistancy. I am going to try and spend more time in the word this year and show myself I can dig deeper without it being over my head. She ends today's lesson with a great quote: "The lifeblood of integrity is becoming the same person no matter where we are -- no matter who's around." I certainly married a man of integrity and I would love to leave a legacy of integrity to my children not stuff.