Sunday, December 31, 2006

Looking Back on 2006

Looking back on 2006 it was a good year just passed too quickly. I am glad it passed quick for our oldest for her recovery but sad that this is her last year at home. 2007 will bring big changes in our household they will be good just sad that she has grown up so fast. If she wasn't so happy and excited I would cry all the time but to see her face light up as she talks about college is a wonderful sight. Just got the news about Mrs. Mann today and our thoughts and prayers will be her and her sweet family. Also, just got to touch base with Mrs. Tommie and it brought up something that just showed how dumb I truly am. I am so literal math was def. not my strong subject in school. Anyway, Mrs. Tommie's husband is literally on the genius list and I have gotten to talk with him a lot lately. He was telling our oldest and myself about the mensa test. He is one of the few that has gotten 48 out of 48 right on that test. So that tells you how smart he is. So I pulled up this sample test tonight. If you are bored you can pull it up and try it. I got more right then I thought I would but like I said Math and me do not get along. It amazes me that people know all of this stuff without trying. My dad probably could have been on that list and I always said he didn't share any of those genes with me. I hate alcohol got in the way of what a good man he was. Oh well, I may not have the brains just the heart. Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year. Phil 4:13 HAPPY 2007!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Cleaning up for Christmas

Well, we survived Christmas and the fast track of traveling to TN & KY this past weekend. We had a great Christmas and enjoyed watching the girls. The kids on my side of the family have the biggest time with the paper fight after we have played dirty Santa. We laugh so hard just over silly paper. My girls have missed it for the last couple of years and were so excited to be a part of it this year. Now we are back home and cleaning out and putting away all that we received. I have things that I have not used in years and wonder why I have been holding on to them. It is just amazing to me how much clutter that is collected over the years. I feel like after going through all of my mothers stuff I have given away more stuff this last year than I ever thought I could. After doing this you start to think about not wanting your children to have to do this once we are gone. It does make you realize how unimportant things are that we think as valuable while we are here on earth. God tries hard to get us to realize that our heavenly treasures are more important but we get so caught up in our earthly treasures it is sometimes hard to see. God has truly blessed us and I will continue to try and downsize some of our clutter. My problem is unfortunately I have a good memory and can remember who gave us what, even wedding gifts from 23 years ago. I feel this is a curse because my friends who do not remember who gave them what do not have any trouble getting rid of things therefore they are clutter free. I am getting better and that is something I am going to work on this year in 2007. There will be big changes in our household this year with our oldest going to college so I will have to find alot to keep me busy. Just getting rid of stuff should be enough to keep me busy for several years. My prayer for myself this next year will be to work harder on my heavenly treasure and being a good steward of my earthly treasure. Happy 2007 to everyone.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Made it to Break!

We have finally made it to the Christmas break. All of the hustle and bustle will finally start to come together. I know we are all happy to be with our families and spend time laughing and making new memories. God has truly blessed us this year. Thank goodness it hasn't been as hectic as last year. Other than just being hectic with a senior and a freshman in the house. Our oldest Senior year is now 1/2 way over, and getting faster. I know in her mind it isn't fast enough. One day she will be happy to be coming home. (Ha) I wonder if she will ever admit it. It seems as though they were just starting school not long ago. I am looking forward to seeing my granddad who will be 95 in Feb. He has got a lot of personality. I think this year the absence of my mom has hit home a little harder. We were so busy with our oldest surgery last year that there wasn't much time to grieve. My mom loved Christmas and had enough decorations for many households. She has passed that love on to our youngest who absolutely loves any holiday but especially Christmas. She loves tradition and will let you know if anything is different. I thank God for our two teenage daughters and my wonderful husband of almost 23 years. We hope and pray for all of our family and friends a safe and happy holiday.

Sunday, December 17, 2006


Wow, it is hard to believe but our oldest back surgery was one year ago. She has done great and so far so good. Only God knows what the future holds. Hopefully, it will all be good. This time one year ago she was in ICU and we were embarking on a journey that she came through with flying colors. She had a lot of complications while in the hospital but once home it has gone like clock work. She is a tough little bird and was off all pain meds less than 6 weeks after her surgery. Thankfully she is not self-conscious of her scar as she enjoys showing it off. Her little sister has also been a great encouragement to her. I do not understand how people make it in this world without a strong church family. After burying my mom and signing the papers for major surgery on our child I could have been a train wreck without the love and support of my family and church family. You always wonder if you are doing the right thing but I truly believe after hearing people talk this past year that we did. Randomly I have met several people this year that have scoliosis and never had the opportunity to do anything or just didn't think it was needed when they were younger, have considerable pain now as they are older. Being in the health care field I see a lot of people on disability from back injuries and are not doing good so that is always in the back of your mind. With a good support system I think she is going to be fine. The only thing she really had to miss this year was flag football for high school but I am not too disappointed because it is so rough. Hopefully God will continue to bless her with health and happiness. She is starting to use muscles that she hasn't used in a year and feeling that a little so hopefully those will go away as her limitations are lifted by her doctor. Our next visit is January 2 and we are anxious to see what if any her limitations will be.


This is a test. Trying to decide if I want to put myself out there for all to see and read all of my ignorance. Trying to figure this all out too. How to post a blog and post on others.