Sunday, January 20, 2008

May's Big Night

May was invited to Kappa Rho Dance by her friend Lisa. Kappa Rho is a social club at her school. It is a very formal event just like prom. Since neither one of my girls were in a club in high school we were very surprised that this was a formal event. They were invited to eat at one of the girls homes and then they were treated to a ride in a limo to and from the civic center. Just FYI Patrick is drinking water in the limo. Then they were treated to hot chocolate and brownies when they returned. May seemed to have had a good time and talked and talked about how good the food was. So she has kind of experienced prom before she is old enough to go. In the pictures sweet Chelsey Bell came to the house to fix May's hair. Then the guys picked them up at Lisa's house. Then we went to the house that was serving dinner to finish taking pictures. They are out of order but I am not good at inserting pics yet. There were 6 couples. A lot of the fun of these formal events is dressing up. All of the couples looked great. It is incredible what our kids get to experience. We never had these things when I was in school, which we will not talk about. We are very thankful for the fun night she was treated to. It was so sweet of the family that fed them and treated them to the limo. There you are updated. Stacy hope you enjoy.


Time is passing so quickly and I know I have heard that my whole life but it is so true. Seems like not long ago we were helping Jamie recover from Back Surgery. Whew. Now here we are two years later and are getting ready for May to get her license. Just incredible. As you can see we brought in this year with May's friends. Jamie got to go with Kurtis to the Chick Filet Bowl in Atlanta. She got to drive to and from by herself. Whew it was answered prayers. One of the things we bought for the fam. for Christmas was Rock Band for Xbox 360. I think Kent and I have enjoyed it more than the girls. May and her friends wanted Kent to sing (New Years) so they could make fun of him. Ha They are proud. Well we are truly looking forward to a great 2008 and look forward to great things. God has truly blessed us.


Wow, it is now January and I have not posted in a while. I have a lot I could add but if my girls ever got wind of the stuff they would die so I will just be generic. We survived Christmas, that is all I will say. It was good just had one not so pleased to be back home. Other than that it was a very good holiday and relaxing. Jamie did bring her friend home the first weekend of their break which we really enjoyed having him here to visit. I have never heard such laughter. It was good. May got caught up on her rest and seemed to have a good Christmas. It was not a bad Christmas and was not a good Christmas just diff. We did get to keep our little girl one day after Christmas which was a lot of fun. She got one of the girls phone and just knew what to do with it. She is such a good baby. God has truly blessed us. Next I will work on New Years!