Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Back again

Well, I tried to learn how to put pictures in and I didn't think it did it and I come back and her pic is there. So I am still learning how to use this thing. Alot has happened, we got the oldest graduated and celebrated. We have attended two weddings so far. Our youngest is playing travel softball and has a tourney just about every weekend. They have won one and runner up in one and didn't do as good in the other two. She seems to be enjoying it, getting a little tired of practice but enjoys all of the girls she is playing with. Both girls just returned from Impact and loved it. They have talked quite a bit about it. I am so glad they got to go together this one and only year. Our oldest leaves this wed for orientation at Lipscomb. She is very excited about the whole aspect of college. Hope she stays that way after taking 17 hours her first semester. She is trying to double major and has to start off with a heavy load and will probably have to go to summer school some. We will see.
Well, here is our news of the day. The dreaded phone call all parents hate to get. Dad I have been in a wreck but I am ok. Her dad answered and it seemed like she had just gone out the door. She said the ambulance was already there but she was "completely ok". The story is a young guy was merging onto the parkway and did not see her. She tried to move over to the next lane after honking but he clipped her right front tire which locked it up and spun her around and hit the concrete wall and he tapped her again in the side. Soooo a prayer of thanksgiving that she is ok. The other guy was ok too. My first thought was her back but she said she was fine on the phone. Well, to pull up and see her front end on the concrete wall and her car sideways on the parkway, all I can say is "Thank You Lord". She was crying and still had her seatbelt on when we arrived. She said "all she could think of was her cousin Kimberly, and was afraid to unbuckle". Kimberly was killed on 565 several years ago after having a flat tire and did not get the rear all the off of the highway. She had unbuckled to get her cell phone and call her dad and was talking with her grandmother and was rear ended. We have indwelled in her to get off of the road but we were talking about flats or break downs. She was headed to a birthday party and ended up coming home with us. They had to tow it off and we will not know for a few days what the outcome will be. Cars can be replaced but your kids cannot. She is starting to feel a little sore already and I am sure tomorrow will feel it more. Her dad and sister and I are just so relieved she is ok. We told her she would learn alot from this and would make her a even better driver. Just glad we could get to her fast.
That is all of the excitement I want for a while.
Next thing will be our mission trip experience. Rapidly approaching.