Tuesday, February 20, 2007

We never know!

Just thinking about how we are here for just a short time. I have always wondered what the world does without having the hope of Salvation. I hear so many times with my line of work well, I am here instead of the alternative. I always say" well, if we are living right the alternative is suppose to be a lot better". Then they always say "well, I am just not ready". Well, we are suppose to always be ready. We went to Diana's brother in laws visitation last night. Diana said "we just never know". This is a 42 year old father of three married to his high school sweetheart. You would think would he would have a long life ahead of him. We waited for two hours just to speak to Diana and Bruce and Laura Lee. We never made it into the parlor where the family was. We were talking about all of the laughter that was around us and how everyone was enjoying themselves. It is so true how a funeral is like a reunion. This is such a tragic event and our hearts go out to this family. I cannot imagine life without Kent. I know we are suppose to be ready at all times but we are never ready when they are so young. We just have to always be ready because we never know.

P.S For some reason I did not post this when I wrote it.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The night before Winterfest

Our girls are packing for Winterfest and it is a little sad that their dad and I are not going. This is the first time that we have not been in many many years. Our youngest was sweet because she said she was kind of sad that we would not be there this weekend. She still loves us at least. Jamie has really enjoyed us not being with her the last 4 years. We have been on just a few things with her but she is enjoying her independence. We wore her out being with her every minute in Jr. High. The good news is that we plan on getting some things done around here this weekend. It has its pros and cons. Time is quickly passing and we are finding more and more nights at home. Never thought in a million years that this would happen this fast. It is fun just a diff. stage in our life. We said we were going to have to start playing cards and games again with our friends like we did before we had children. We have alot of good memories doing that with the Copelands, Smiths and Lunas. We used to go camping with Randy & Holly Norton and several other couples that no longer live here. Those memories we all still laugh about when we see each other. Our kids can't believe we had a life before them imagine that. Well, we will def. miss our girls but hopefully will get alot done this weekend. Hope everyone enjoys their stage of life they are in right now because it truly passes quickly. Softball games for May start next weekend so I guess the card games will have to be put on hold until after the season.

Friday, February 02, 2007

February is Here

Wow, I cannot believe it is February. Jamie's Graduation is fast approaching. She told me yesterday she only has 11 more Mondays. This is due to spring break and she will miss the next Monday after spring break due to the trip of her life. She has been asked to go to Baja with none other then Head Boss Rex Watson. She has finally gotten the o.k. to talk about it. She will get to leave on Thursday before Spring Break and will not return until the Monday after Spring Break. This is a dream come true for her. The first thing is she gets to go to her favorite place in the world and gets to be out of school three extra days. Also, she gets to be there with two awesome groups. The first part is with Lipscomb led by Phil Kinzer (former member at Mayfair) and the second is with the Home Builders class (which are alot of her Huddle leaders). She is so excited she is about to bust. She is so blessed to be able to do this great trip. So that is our big news for her. Kent & I are very excited for her. She is wishing she was already at Lipscomb but this will help her meet new people for next year. So she is on count down until Spring Break and Graduation.
May has started Softball practice and her first game is just a little over a week. I am looking forward to watching her play but dreading the cold. Kent bought us a heater last year which helps alot. She is having a good year so far, she told me the other day she is really going to miss her sister next year. I was happy to hear this but sad for her because just when they are getting more things in common they are going to be separated. They are both excited about being at Impact together and our family trip to Baja in July. God has truly blessed us with two wonderful daughters and for that I am glad. Just wish I could slow these years down.
That is about all that is going on at the homestead. They were so disappointed yesterday when they did not get out for the snow. It was not pretty around here yesterday. Will try and do better about posting.