Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Catching Up

Well, here goes. First of all the last post Jamie had her wreck, well, it is now 8/8 and still no car for her yet. Hopefully by this Fri. She leaves Monday for college. We will see. Kent said "they truly are cavemen that handles this insurance". Can you guess which kind the guy that hit her had? HMMMM!

We had a wonderful trip to Baja and had 5 Baptisims and a couple of more since we left. That is truly the reason we go. Also, just the wonderful experience of getting to know a lot of wonderful people better and serving together with them. Then to share God's word and love to those that do not know him or an encouraging hug or handshake. It is truly amazing how happy these people are with so little. I think my favorite thing was watching as Kim Whitaker share her tallent of teaching these ladies how to make a hand sewn dress for about 100 girls there in San Quentin. It was so sweet watching the faces of the girls who put on a small fashion show wearing their new duds. It was priceless. Also, the love of each lady and teen that particiapated in the making of these dresses. It brought together mexicans and grengos even with the language barrier.

My other special memory is of Rickey Bailey and Mitch Hamric working with a quadraplegic and helping make him a foot brace to prevent foot drop and finding out that he became a brother in Christ last Wed. That is what it is all about.

We arrived home on a Sat. night and May left early the next morning to play in U14 world series for her summer softball league in Orlando. They were there all week and we arrived that Friday to watch their last game which they lost but came in 17 out of 58 teams. They played hard and had a great experience. We arrived in Destin the next day and spent a wonderful week at the beach. It was hot but we had a great time.

We arrived home this past Sat. and spent Sun doing major shopping for the girls for college and school to arrive home that afternoon and realizing our air was going out. Well, after two days it was finally fixed yesterday. It is truly a wonderful thing to have working. Hopefully this will last for a while.

That is a quick up to date over the last 6 weeks. We leave Mon to take Jamie to college. She is so excited and we are excited for her. May dosn't think all of this stuff in our house is going to fit in her room but we will find out soon.


Sunny said...

Our air went out last year and we about died! Unfortunately, we had to invest in a new unit. I hope that the lady that bought our house is enjoying that new a/c. Sounds like you all had a great summer. Can't believe that Jamie is leaving for school on Monday!


I've wondered where you were at. Glad you're back. :) I'll be thinking about ya'll with Jamie leaving. I can't believe she's old enough for all of this. It seems like yesterday that she was the little kid when I was in Jr. High. Now, she's in college and I've got 3 kids. Crazy, isn't it? Well, hope the adjustment goes well. If you're lonely for some kids, you can borrow one. :)

Stacy said...

Our air went out two summers ago in our house, then twice last summer in our apartment. All I can say is that I hope this one goes out before our home warranty expires!!!

The world series is big stuff!! Congrats May!

I'm sure Jamie will do great at school...I'm sure Mom will do great at home, too... :)

Good luck on the car search!

Corey & Alisha said...

I had know idea that you had this blog! I don't know where I have been. I have enjoyed reading it this morning and have added a link from my blog. Hope that's okay! It was great reading about what is going on with your family. Love, Alisha